Optimized logistical processes and infrastructure have a major impact on your operational efficiency and ultimately your bottom line.

Group De Wolf offers a range of flexible logistics and warehousing solutions that meet your requirements.


State of the art warehouse

Need storage? The Group De Wolf facilities in Belgium are operated by experienced personnel using an advanced Warehouse Management System. Our central location within the Benelux facilitates easy road transport across Europe.

Consignment inventory

Working with consignment inventory equals supply chain optimalization. The benefits – reduced risks and significant cost savings – are built into the process. You store your raw materials and other production resources in the Group De Wolf warehouse. We bring your materials to you, just-in-time and the exact amount you need. We consolidate your supplies so you don’t need to manage the daily deliveries of different vendors. We even coordinate with your suppliers to refill your stock. As a result, you can focus on an optimized, lean production process while outsourcing warehousing hardware, software and facilities.

A win-win solution

Material vendors equally enjoy the benefits of consignment inventory:

  • Improved production planning
  • Lower transport costs
  • Closely monitored supply with minimum/maximum stock
  • Stronger ties with the customer


  • Storage of palletized goods
  • Long and short term storage
  • Order picking
  • Assembly
  • Cross docking
  • Consignment inventory
  • On-site logistics
  • Distribution of printed materials

Group De Wolf Logistics & Warehousing today

  • 16 employees
  • 25 trailers
  • 4 trucks
  • 25000 m2 storage


Group De Wolf certifications

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