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Medical Transport Services
Driving individuals with special medical and mobility needs, is a responsibility that Group De Wolf fulfils with 100% commitment and care. Safety and comfort are our top priorities.

Medical Transport Services only works with experienced staff and specially equipped cars, wheelchair vans and ambulances. But there's more to Group De Wolf’s offer. We understand the requirements of professional organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, health care facilities and health insurance organizations. We provide the cost efficiency, administrative professionalism and flexible service you need.



Expert, professional service

Our experienced, fully certified staff receives continuous education. They are trained in safe and defensive driving in strict compliance with the highway code.

We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our professional dispatching staff and online reservation system are always at your service.

Group De Wolf - Medical Transport Service


A large, fully equipped fleet

Medical Transport Services’ large fleet consists of fully equipped ambulances and wheelchair vans. Our comfortable passenger cars can also be used when necessary and appropriate.


Regional availability

Medical Transport Services is located in the province of Antwerp. However, our activities reach farther. This means we can provide the coordination and efficiency the transport between hospitals and health care facilities requires.

Group De Wolf - Medical Transport Service



  • Airport and hotel transfers
  • Wheelchair transport
  • Ambulance
    • Lying down or sitting up
    • Urgent or non-urgent
  • Transport to/from hospitals and health care facilities for treatment and tests
  • Medical repatriation
  • Support for GP co-op on-call service
  • Transportation of medical equipment and instruments
  • Organ transport
  • Private ambulance and wheelchair transport
  • Dialysis transport

Group De Wolf - 24/7 Medical Transport service

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